Kayak clothing

Kayak clothing

Appropriate kayak clothes are a lifesaver for this water-based sport. Kayaking makes special demands in your body, so it is essential that clothing should protect the body and provide you with freedom for movements during any paddling or related action. Your clothing shouldn’t only provide comfort, but should save your life.

Kayak clothing
The equipments and accessories you will need depend on the type of craft you’re paddling, the weather conditions along with your personal resistance to the cold. The game with the paddlers based on the form of paddling they engage in varies throughout per day. Thus, the clothing sense means suiting clothing for the varying needs of insulation required by modifications in weather, activity and location.

Summer: In the warmest conditions, a set of shorts and T- shirt top is okay. Feet needs to be shod with water shoes or neoprene booties. Artificial materials would be best suited. A brimmed hat having a chinstrap is essential to protect your face and help to keep cool. Finish your summer assemble with quality sunglasses. Avoid cotton clothes they do not dry, it remains wet without insulating ability.

Winter: Be ready for cooler temperatures, especially from wind about the large bodies of water when kayaking. Water temperature is an essential consideration instead of the air temperature while choosing kayaking clothes. The temperature is frigid as 40 degrees enough to rob you of one’s strength after a couple of minutes of immersion. Better insulation will come from the 3 major layers of garment as opposed to single layer of same total thickness. Avoid wool. These basic layers of clothing giving sufficient insulation is:

1. Lower layer (thermal tops)

2. An insulating layer (pile fibre covering)

3. A water/ wind proof layer.

Feet need to be engrossed in neoprene booties with addition to woolen socks. A neoprene beanie would work and pre curved neoprene gloves are apt for hands.

Spring /fall: You need another layer to be comfortable. Your summer dressing just isn’t sufficient. Avoid cotton. A paddling jacket cuts the wind helping you stay warmer and dryer. For feet it’s neoprene booties. To guard your head look at a fleece hat or neoprene hood.

No matter kayak clothing you wear, you’re going to get wet, be it from the paddle splash or a complete flip. Jackets are must and really should ensure that it stays loose. Quick drying, loose kayaking apparel is the best clothing for kayaking. It is essential to safety and comfort during all kinds of kayaking.


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